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A whole host of aquatic activities

With AKVO Spiralift, your pool can be made shallower or deeper within minutes as many times a day as your facility requires. Imagine a pool that can handle swimming lessons, water polo matches and aquafitness classes; a pool that can quickly adapt to fulfil pool requirements for competitions (e.g., FINA) or become ultra-safe for younger children to splash around. That’s exactly what AKVO Spiralift delivers: a movable pool floor that can be raised and lowered on demand, transforming your public pool into a multipurpose aquatic facility.


With AKVO Spiralift technology, your pool floor can go from a depth of 10ft or more (3m) to just under an inch (2.5 cm). This flexibility creates a larger range of sport, health and physical education offerings when compared to a conventional fixed-depth pool. Host swimming lessons, advanced water rescue training, aqua-spinning classes, water games, fitness and rehabilitation programs…Accommodate swim meets, diving competitions and other sporting events by adapting your pool to fulfil the requirements for aquatic competitions (e.g., FINA). Two separate water basins of different regulatory depths are no longer required with Akvo’s system. Everything can happen in one single pool that transforms effortlessly and efficiently… in about 10 minutes at the touch of a button!


Reducing your pool’s water depth is an efficient way to convert your pool into a safe and comfortable environment for all users, be it children, seniors, beginner-level swimmers or patrons with reduced mobility. With AKVO Spiralift, simply adjust the floor’s height to the optimum water depth!


For schools, sports clubs, wellness centres and public facilities, installing an AKVO Spiralift variable-depth pool means added value and improved health and quality of life for users. Its flexibility enables people of all ages, skill levels and physical abilities to participate safely in aquatic activities. It also extends the possibilities for sporting events at both the recreational and competitive levels and allows for a full schedule of different activities all day long. Get the most out of your pool investment by maximizing its usage!



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