MyPoolcover develops also tailor-made solutions as desired. Each project we undertake is specifically designed as our team works in partnership your preferred pool builder, consultant and architect to realise your unique and individual requirements.

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An integrated slatted cover, ensures maximum energy efficiency and complete safety. By reflecting the sunlight and insulating the pool surface the evaporation and cooling / heat loss are reduced to a minimum. This will result in a running cost that will be until 70 pct lower in chemicals, electrical and water consumption.

Rollo chamber is integral part of your pool and contains an immerged mechanism.

When automatically opened or closed, the slats are smoothly guided and rolled around a stainless steel roller. The slats are powered by a sophisticated in-roller motor installed in the cover chamber or bench.

When opened, the cover slats are invisibly submerged below the water level.

Technical characterics of PVC Slats:


A high quality pool cover slat is characterized by its lifespan. The wall thickness of the profile is directly linked to the sustainability of the slat. Furthermore the quality of the raw material is decisive as well as the shape of the profile. The design of the slat determines to a large extent the stiffness and resistance to shock of the pool cover profile.


The quality of a pool cover profile is not only determined by the shape and the raw material but also by the way of sealing the end caps. The insulating ability and the buoyancy are directly related to the sealing of the slats. The end caps of PVC profiles are ultrasonic (US) welded. This process is stable, reliable and it offers a high level of finishing in comparison to thermic welding.


MyPoolcover has become an expert in integrating swimming pool covers. We offer standard as well as tailor-made solutions. Up to 12m wide, 50m long, 3,8m deep, our possibilities are almost limitless. To achieve the best possible result, we offer several finishing options such as stone, acrylic stone, PVC, fiberglass, wood, …



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